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YL series vertical three-phase asynchronous motors


 YL series single-phase induction motor with two-value capacitor is designed according to the requirements of national standard JB/t9542-1999.Excellent aerodynamics, low noise, low vibration, compact, lightweight and easy to maintain.Widely used for air compressor, water pump and other mechanical equipment family workshop electricity.

Product - related parameters:

Power range: 00.25 ~ 3.7kw

Base center height: 71 ~ 100 mm

Rated voltage: 220V (other voltages shall be separated as agreed)

Rated frequency: 50 hz (or60Hz)

Protection grade: IP44

Insulation grade: b

Position: S1

Application industry
•Rubber mixer
•The fan and pump
•Coal mill and rolling mill
•The conveyor belt,
•The centrifuge,