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YE2 series three phase asynchronous motor

Product type: three-phase asynchronous motor
Origin: Shanghai
Model: YE2-280 - s - 6
Rated voltage: 380 (V)
Rated power :45KW
Product certification :iso9001 CE
YE2 series high efficiency three-phase induction motor
The improvement of the design efficiency of YE2 is in line with the national requirements for energy saving and energy reduction in the manufacturing industry.
The installation size of the YE2 series motors is in accordance with the standard IEC60034, with the characteristics of the best structure, beautiful appearance, low noise, high efficiency, high protection grade and high insulation grade.
Product-related parameters
Center height: 63 ~ 355mm
Power range: 0.12 ~ 315kW
Rated voltage: 380V (other voltages are discussed separately)
Rated frequency: 50Hz (or 60Hz)
Protection grade: IP54 (or IP55)
Insulation grade: F
Load: S1
Installation structure type:
B3 (bracket with feet, flange without cover)
B35 (bracket with feet, flange cover)
B5 (footless base, flanged cover)

Application industry
•Rubber mixer
•The fan and pump
•Coal mill and rolling mill
•The conveyor belt,
•The centrifuge,