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YBX3 series three-phase asynchronous motor

Model no. : YBX3 series
Brand: ZUOLI
Output power: 0.55 ~ 560 kw
Type: induction motor
Frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ, VFD optional
Certification: CCC, CE, explosion proof certification, IECEx/ATEX
Protection function: explosion-proof and dustproof
Ac volt

YBX3 series high efficiency asynchronous three separate explosion asynchronous motor, high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, high resistance moment, reliable operation, beautiful appearance, widely used in petrochemical industry, coal industry.YBX3 series complies with GB3836.1 (explosive atmospheric electrical equipment - part 1, general requirements) and GB3836.2 (explosive atmospheric electrical equipment - part 2, flameproof D).YBX3 series is flameproof, suitable for explosive environment.It conforms to IEC standards and can be exported to countries and regions implementing IEC standards, and can also be applied to imported equipment.

Rated voltage of YBX3 series is 380V, 660V, 380/660v, rated frequency is 50Hz, protection grade is IP55, cooling method is IC411, insulation grade is F, temperature rise at full load follows B degree.It can run continuously (in coal mines) below 35℃ and 40℃ (factory).

We can develop specific induction motors according to customer requirements.For a variety of voltage, a variety of frequency, a variety of installation, such as 220V, 440V, 60Hz, etc., we provide customers with perfect technical services.


Operating conditions:

Operating environment temperature: -15 ~ + 40℃

Altitude: no more than 1000m (customized for more than 1000m)

Rated voltage: 380V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Load type: S1 (continuous), allow full voltage start

Insulation grade: F (other grade) (to be ordered)

Protection grade: IP55

Cooling type: IC411

Connection mode: Y mode connection ≥ 3kw power, △ mode connection ≥ 4kw power


Application industry
•Rubber mixer
•The fan and pump
•Coal mill and rolling mill
•The conveyor belt,
•The centrifuge,