Vickers motor

Vickers S26 Aluminum Gear Motors

Place of Origin:USA
Brand Name:VICKERS
Product name:  vane motor
ModelNumber: S26
Maximum pressure:350bar
Structure:vane motor
Pressure:High Pressure
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 VICKERS gear motor S26 Series

Product description
Decrease noise emissions and pressure ripples in hydraulic systems for tractors and harvesters, turf care equipment, lift trucks and more with Eaton S26 aluminum gear motors. Featuring a pressure balanced, die-cast aluminum design, these compact, bi-directional motors incorporate multiple valve packages creating a complete solution. S26 aluminum gear motors are a great solution for tight spaces, as they are shorter than most other gear motors yet still deliver the necessary horse power to do the job. 

  • Rotation: Field Reversible
  • Mounting Flange: SAE A 2 Bolt
  • Maximum Continuous Pressure: 210 bar [3000 PSI]*
  • Maximum Intermittent Pressure: 240 bar [3500 PSI]**
  • Minimum Speed at Continuous Pressure: 750 RPM
  • Maximum Rotating Torque at 0 Pressure: 4 Nm [36 lb-in]
  • Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature: 105°C [220°F]
  • Minimum Continuous Oil Viscocity: 5.7 cSt [45 SUS]
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -29°C [-20°F]
  • Maximum Inlet Vacuum at Operating Condition: 0,8 bar Abs. [11.6 psi Abs.]

  • * 30.6 cm3/rev. [1.87 in3/rev.] displacement max. continuous pressure is 190 bar [2750 PSI].
    ** 30.6 cm3/rev. [1.87 in3/rev.] displacement max. intermittent pressure is 224 bar [3250 PSI].


turf care
agriculture tractors
lift trucks 
fan drive systems
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