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Parker industrial hydraulic pilot proportional directional control valve D*1FP series

Brand: Parker
Product Name:directional control valve
Working pressure:  350bar
Transaction unit:    EACH
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Parker pilot proportional direction control valve D*1FP
The pilot Servo proportional Valve d*1fp Series is the best choice for hydraulic axis positioning accuracy, pressure and speed control. With extremely dynamic and high traffic characteristics, the d * 1fp Series transfers the benefits of Pike patented Voice Coil Drive (VCD ®) to a larger frame size for high traffic. The high dynamic / high precision drive of pilot valve can control the main valve core optimally, thus realizing the complete performance of servo valve. 
 D*1FP Series comes in five sizes :
• D31FP NG10 (CETOP 05)
• D41FP NG16 (CETOP 07)
• D81FP NG25 (CETOP 08), Up to 26 mm 
• D91FP NG25 (CETOP 08), Port diameter up to 32 mm 
• D111FP NG32 (CETOP 10)
Optional ethercat ®interfaces, d*1fp series valves with ethercat ®interfaces meet modern communication requirements between valves and main controllers. Due to the high speed of data transmission and short cycle time, high dynamic characteristics can also be used in fieldbus system.
Characteristics and advantages :
• Maximum dynamic-shorter cycle time to increase machine output 
• High flow-optimal efficiency related to valve size 
• High-resolution position feedback on main spool-ensures spool position stability 
• Advanced Master Valve Core Design (sinusoidal characteristics)-High Resolution position Control for small Command signals and required High flow 
• Spool positioning defined during power outage-optional p / b / b or pb / a or center position (overlapping spool)
• Digital electronic products-allow storage and loading of valve records 
• Optional use of ethercat interface, 2x m12x1, 4xpin (ether-cat input and ethercat output) can also be used in 2x fieldbus systems 
• Very robust valve design-reduce costs by reducing downtime Company