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2CY Gear Pump

Classification: gear pump
Material: cast iron pump shell, stainless steel pump shaft
Brand: Longjie
Standard: standard
Certificate: CCS
Packing details: standard packing
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Origin: China
2CY gear pump
2Cy gear pump is suitable for conveying no solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature not more than 180 degrees, viscosity of 5-1500 cSt liquid or other liquid with similar performance for hydraulic transmission system.

Product parameters:
Material: HT200
Flow: it can transport 1.1m3/h-570m3h
Pressure: 0.33 Mpa to 0.6 Mp
Viscosity: can transport 5cst-1500cst medium
Sealing way: packing seal mechanical seal (optional)
Caliber: 6 mm to 150mm caliber (screw thread or flange)
Applicable conditions: the oil system can be used as a transmission, booster pump, in the fuel system can be used as a transmission, pressurization, injection fuel pump, in the industrial field, can be used as a lubricating oil pump.


2CY gear pumpFeatures:

The four bearing sleeves of the 2CY series gear pump are installed floating in the pump body, and the clearance surface of the end face is automatically adjusted according to the working pressure.Therefore, the pressure of the pump is stable, the output flow pulsation is small, the volume efficiency is high.

Model parameters:
Type Capacity Speed Pressure NPSH Effciency Motor
m3/h r/min Mpa m % kw Model
CY-1.08/2.5 1.08 1420 2.5 9.5 58 2.2 Y100L1-4
2CY-2.1/2.5 2.1 1420 2.5 9.5 58 3 Y100L2-4
2CY-3/2.5 3 1440 2.5 9.5 59 4 Y112M-4
2CY-4.2/2.5 4.2 1440 2.5 9.5 59 5.5 Y132S-4
2CY-7.5/2.5 7.5 1440 2.5 9.5 63 7.5 Y132M-4
2CY-12/2.5 12 1460 2.5 9.5 63 15 Y160L-4

Application industry:
• oil
• chemical
• mine