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kcb gear pump

KCB gear pump is suitable for conveying no solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature is not higher than 80 ° c, viscosity of 5×10-6 ~ 1.5×10-3m2/s (5-1500cst) lubricating oil or other liquids with similar properties.
KCB gear pump
KCB gear pump is suitable for conveying lubricating oil or other liquids with similar properties without solid particles or fibers and the temperature is less than 300℃ and the viscosity is less than 300℃. It can be used as transmission and booster pump in the oil transfer system..

Product Parameter 

Material: HT200

Flow: it can transport 1.1m3/h-570m3h

Pressure:0.33 Mpa to 0.6 Mp

Viscosity:can transport 5cst-1500cst medium

Sealing way:packing seal mechanical seal (optional)

Caliber: 6 mm to 150mm caliber (screw thread or flange)

Applicable conditions: the oil system can be used as a transmission, booster pump, in the fuel system can be used as a transmission,                                               pressurization, injection fuel pump, in the industrial field, can be used as a lubricating oil pump

KCB gear pump features:
KCB gear pump is through a set of parameters and structure of precision gear pump the same mutual rolling involute gear meshing, the low pressure oil within the tank can rise to power an important part of a high pressure oil. The gear oil pump is the engine's mechanical energy into hydraulic energy power plant. The gear oil pump control hydraulic signal is related to displacement change before the pump flow, after the oil pump oil flow and the forerunner and negative flow, including before and after pump oil flow control pump directly, the guide oil after electric proportional valve throttle control pump, we can call the guide secondary stress.
KCB gear pump is mainly composed of gear, shaft, pump body, safety valve and seal of shaft end. The gear has higher hardness and strength after heat treatment, and is installed in the replaceable shaft sleeve for operation together with the shaft.The lubrication of all parts in the pump is achieved automatically by using the medium when the pump works.The reasonable design of oil drainage and oil return groove in the pump, is the gear in the work of the minimum torque force, so the bearing load is small, small wear, high pump efficiency.

Model parameters:
Model Capacity Q Speed
Dia mm Efficiency
η % 
m3/h L/min Power
KCB-18.3 1.1 18.3 1440 0.33 18 44 1.5 Y90L-4
KCB-33.3 2 33.3 1440 0.33 18 44 2.2 Y100L1-4
KCB-55 3.3 55 1440 0.33 25 41 1.5 Y90L-4
KCB-83.3 5 83.3 1420 0.33 37 43 2.2 Y100L1-4
KCB-135 8 135 960 0.36 50 46 2.2 Y112M-6
KCB-200 12 200 1440 0.36 50 46 4 Y112M-4
KCB-300 18 300 960 0.36 70 42 5.5 Y132M2-6
KCB-483.3 29 483.3 1440 0.36 70 42 11 Y160M-4
KCB-633 38 633 970 0.28 100 43 11 Y160L-6
KCB-960 58 960 1470 0.28 100 43 18.5 Y180M-4
KCB-1200 72 1200 740 0.6 150 43 37 Y280S-8
KCB-1600 95 1600 980 0.6 150 43 45 Y280S-6

Application industry:
• oil
• chemical
• mine