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HYDAC Hydraulic Motors MGE101

Place of Origin:Germany
Brand Name:HYDAC
Product name:HYDAC  Motor
ModelNumber:MPF / A / V / R 200
Maximum pressure:16bar
Structure:vane motor
Pressure:High Pressure
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HYDAC External gear motor MGE101

Product description 
HYDAC Drive Centre supplies hydraulic motors available in two different sizes, offering a wide program of gears.
These hydraulic gear motors possess a very narrow-stage specific displacement flow, a large speed range. Also, they have a maximum pressure up to 300 bar.
What’s more, it is possible to use the HYDAC hydraulic motor across a wide range of applications:
Winch and crane drives
Drilling rigs
Lawn trimmers
And more in a diverse range of industries, including construction, military and manufacturing among others



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