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China YEJ2 series Electromagnetism Brake Three Phase asynchronous

Model: YEJ2
Output power: 0.12-18.5 kw
Type: asynchronous motor
Frequency: 50 hz 60 hz
Brand: ZUOLI
Certification: CCC, CE, UL
Protection function: completely closed
Ac voltage 220/380v 380/660v
Efficiency: IE1 IE2
Protection: IP44, IP54 or IP55

 YEJ2 YDEJ2 series electromagnetic braking three-phase asynchronous motor ac induction motor

YEJ2, YDEJ2 series electromagnetic braking motors are the improved products of YEJ series, which meet the requirements of JB/T6456, and the electrical performance conforms to the technical standards of Y2 series.The power supply of the controller should be synchronized with that of the motor.

The motor is equipped with electromagnetic brake at the non-shaft end. When the power is off, the reduction disc will automatically press into the end cover to generate friction braking torque, so that the motor will stop running and the no-load braking time will change with the change of speed.Frame size of motor, ranging from 0.15 to 0.45 seconds.This motor is considered to be the driving force of various machines, widely used in machine training machine tools, transportation machinery, packaging, woodworking, food, chemical, textile, construction, workshop, door rolling machinery and so on.


Technical data:

Rack center height: 63 ~ 225mm

Controller power:

Rack center height: ≤100mm, AC220V

(after the rectifier

Rack center height: ≥112mm, AC380V

(70V after rectification)

Power range: 0.12 ~ 45kW

Rated voltage: 380V or ordered

Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

Protection grade: IP54 (or IP55)

Insulation grade: B/F load type: SI

Application industry
•Rubber mixer
•The fan and pump
•Coal mill and rolling mill
•The conveyor belt,
•The centrifuge,